Things move a little slower here on Kauai. It’s part of the magic of our beautiful Island Oasis. However, we understand that you have better things to do than wait in grocery lines, traffic, and pick up lines.

We offer travelers a variety of services which include Pre Arrival Shopping (hotels, condos and vacation homes), picking up beach gear rentals (and returning them if you are short on time), setting up party decor or stocking the fridge with a few cold ones! We also will help you get your Turo back to it’s drop off location, as leaving them at the airport is not permitted.

Are you a property manager, resident or small business? We have tasking services available to you too! We do town runs, order pickups, RX pickups, mail drop off, UPS and FED EX pickups as well. Need something today, but can’t get to town? We got it covered. Skip the traffic, we know you have more important things to do!

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Get Out There and Do Something Fun, We’ll Handle the Traffic, Lines and Waiting!