My mission is to help BUSY PEOPLE just like you regain control of their time and be more present for family, friends and businesses by providing PROFESSIONAL SERVICES.

It's time to prioritize the things that matter, to bring peace and calming energy into our lives.


WANT TO KNOW HOW TO CREATE MORE TIME IN YOUR DAY? DELEGATE! Successful people know how to delegate tasks that interrupt work or family flow! By delegating tasks such as a trip to Costco, DMV or to pick up items from local shops, you can stay focused on the job at hand, your family, spouse or craft! Check out my menu of services to get an idea of how I can help free up time in your day. Don’t see your task on the menu? Contact me by phone, text or email and I will be happy to make a plan with you!


All those little errands can add up fast. A trip to the DMV to renew your or a client’s registration, pick up your contractor plans and deliver them to the subs, or get a list of quotes together for a homeowner; these tasks all take time out of your day. Did you know that you can delegate these jobs out, so that you have the time to tackle more important things on your list! It’s like having your very own personal assistant for the day! Let’s talk about how I can free up your time.

Delegate those little jobs to save time and stay focused on what matters to you!

Shopping Services

Things move a little slower on Kauai! A trip to Costco can become an all day event if you live or work outside of town. This service is excellent for property managers and small businesses who are running low on an item and need it the same day.



When you choose to support this small local business over a shopper app, your money directly benefits our Island Community by staying in our local economy!

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