5 Podcasts to level up your life and business

Have you ever heard of the 5 second rule?  It’s a very simple strategy for interrupting a pattern of behavior and launching into action.   This simple, yet extremely effective tool was pioneered by a woman named Mel Robbins and it’s backed up by science .   I had never heard of it until recently, while I listening to one of my favorite Podcasts, The Goal Digger Podcast hosted by Jenna Kutcher

Well, this simple idea got me thinking about all of the great information I have had access to because I listen to one podcast a day.   As a matter of fact, listening to great content is what helped me level up my business, build a website and begin marketing myself, which has doubled my business and given me power over my time.  

Here’s the thing, the information  you consume turns to thoughts.  What you think about eventually becomes what you do.  I enjoy having 30 minues to an hour of my day saturated with solutions and ideas.  It gets my wheels turning.  I feel inspired. I feel empowered. These feelings lead to action.

Here’s what I am listening to lately:

1.  The Goal Digger Poscast
2.  The Highest Self Podcast
3.  The Mind Valley Podcast
4.  The Science of Success Podcast
5.  The Manifestation Babe Podcast

Do you have a favorite Podcast? What habit have you built in your life to keep on leveling up?

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