Delegate Out The Boring Tasks to Spark Your Passion and Keep On Leveling Up

I came about this quote from a 3-2-1 email I received from James Clear. It got me thinking about the times I have encountered boredom in trying to find a niche and build a business. Let me tell you, it has been a long road. I have tried on many different hats, looking for that spark.

Most recently, I have been facing some resistance in my business as a maker. I also run a company called Two Fish and the Moon. I began the company because I was making beautiful linen slings for wearing my baby. I had received some requests for custom slings for friends and family. I learned about the legalities, sent samples for testing, waited for ages for the safety labels and cards that I needed to sell my product. You would think after all that I would be all in. The problem is after making a few slings, I became bored with the process. I am still so passionate about baby wearing and I truly believe that slings are the ultimate baby carrier. The problem is, when I have time to sew I want to spark my creative side. One solution of course is to delegate this task to someone else. This allows me to keep my business moving, maintain the legal structure of the business and to create a work in my local economy, all while still having time to create!

This quote is a reminder of all the ways we must be flexible when we create a business. It is also the main reason I started Aloha Tammie Professional Services. Outsourcing tasks that we are bored with, but are essential to the function of our business or life, allows us the freedom (and time) to create from a different space. It frees up time, mental energy and even make us more money in the long run.

Aloha Tammie Professional Services was created for busy people like me and like you, who need some help busting through the boredom of mundane tasks, so that we can pursue the things in life that truly matter, that spark our passion and let us be present for the moments in our life that we just can’t miss. Head over to the Services Page and get some ideas of how I can help you beat the boredom and create the life you want to lead.

See You Out There!


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