30 Day LOCALS ONLY Challenge

With the holidays just around the corner, I decided now is the perfect time for a challenge. I created the 30 Day LOCALS ONLY challenge to step up my support for local businesses. I already make an effort to shop local stores and to buy local produce, but I know there is room to do better!

I am committing these next 30 days (and beyond) to only purchasing Kauai Grown Produce, Hawaii Grown/Caught Meats and Fish, and supporting my local eats. Any other products I need, from housewares to clothing, beauty products and more, I will be purchasing from a Kauai owned business.

If you need help with your local shopping you can head over to my services page and book an appointment with me. I can help you support Kauai Small Businesses all across the island! Let’s work together to save you time, take away stress and support our Kauai Community!

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