How a Tasker Can Change Your Life

Sounds a little bit dramatic, but I am here to tell you that something as simple as delegating out the tasks you don’t want to do, or that take up a ridiculous amount of your time, will change your life.

The thing is small tasks that take a lot of time or that you are procrastinating over are costing you energy. When a task takes up a huge amount of your day, you feel drained AND you lose all that time. Time and energy that could have been spent doing an activity that replenishes you. I believe that the more time we spend doing things that bring us joy, the more energy we have in other areas of our life. This energy invigorates others and spills out into our community!

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Did you know that procrastinating actual has a negative impact on your overall health, wealth and happiness! Avoiding tasks over the long term means that things are not getting done. This can increase your anxiety levels and can off put progress towards goals you may have! These tasks you are procrastinating on, is it just part of your life that you don’t like doing (like sitting in car, waiting in line), if that’s the case, hire someone to do it! All that extra energy that you spent worrying about the task, you can apply to your passion and goals!

Maybe you are just overwhelmed and need a little help! Taskers to the rescue again. Save yourself sometime, create some space in your schedule. Overwhelm is an inspiration killer. It definitely doesn’t make you a more likeable person. Cut out some of those tasks. Make some space to find inspiration, to network and connect with others!

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These are just a few reasons I believe hiring out for the jobs that don’t fill you up is so important! I believe in it so much so that I created a business around this idea. Living on the Northshore of Kauai, simple things, like picking a up prescription in town or going to Costco, can literally take the entire day. Even if you only need one thing you have spent 2 hours of your day commuting and however long it took to find parking, get your item, wait in line and any other things that may come up while you are there.

Our taskers can save you a town run. Pick prescriptions, pick up Fed Ex or UPS deliveries from the shipping centers, drop off vehicles for service and so much more. We are available to help you stay in your flow and maintain your energy for things that truly matter to you! Let us create a positive change in your life. Head over to our Services page for more information!

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