The Elements of Productivity

This week I stumbled on a post by Dr. Tracy Mark’s (@drtracymarks) on Instagram talking about the elements of productivity.

She breaks productivity down into 3 main elements: Time, Energy and Attention. The magic space where all 3 intersect is where our productivity lies.

She points out that when we are fatigued, disorganized or distracted, we miss the optimal productivity mark.

This is something I really believe in and support. It plays into my mission for Aloha Tammie Professional Services. We need to nurture each element to get the most out of life. This means being organized with our time through planning and delegation, nurturing our minds ability to stay focused with meditation, journaling and learning, and caring for our bodies through movement, rest and exercise.

When we operate from a space of feeling good we can make the greatest impact on our goals and we have a positive effect on the world around us. Ultimately we are going to reduce our stress and hopefully live our lives in a way that aligns with our dreams, goals, passions and values.

I realize life gets busy and it it can hard to find the space in your schedule to care for yourself optimally. I created Aloha Tammie Professional Services so my community has a reliable place to go when they need to create time. I specialize in town runs, errands and administrative tasks and I can save you hours in your day.

What ways are you prioritizing the elements of productivity? I highly recommend finding a scheduling style that works for you, moving self care up in your to do list and delegating what you can. Check out some of our other blog posts for ideas on how to build better habits and routines.

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