Christmas in Hawaii

It’s winter here on Kauai, though you might not be able to tell if this is your first time here! Christmas time in Hawaii has bit of a different look, but the feeling is still the same. Days filled with love, joy, excitement, friends and family!

If you are spending Christmas on Kauai, I recommend taking a few moments to create some Kauai Christmas memories! Build a “snowman” on the beach. Enjoy some delicious Christmas Cookies by The Kuki Haus. Be sure to schedule some surf lesson on the North Shore with Hawaiian Surfing Adventures or Hanalei Surf School! You can catch some Christmas lights with The Festival of Lights at the Historic County Building in Lihue.

Wondering how we can help you this Holiday Season?

  • Deliver a Tree (while supplies last)
  • Purchase and drop off ornaments or Christmas Decor
  • Pick Up Special Food Orders (such as cookies, cakes, pastries, pies)

If you are looking for a smaller footprint this Christmas, but still wanting to decorate? We are happy to check our local thrift stores for ornaments, decorations and more! Not only will you be giving back to our charitable organizations you will be upcycling! Double Win!

We can also pick up your tree and take to greenwaste or pick up decorations and donate them to local organizations.

Have something else in mind, call or at 808-631-7718, let’s talk story!

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