Winter on Kauai: Cocoa, Movies and Creating Systems for my Life!

chocolate drinks in close up photography

Aloha All!   Happy Holiday’s!   It is winter over here on the islands, my favorite time of the year!  Waves, Moody Weather (which means sweats and hot cocoa) and of course Winter Holidays! The waves have been fun since I came home from the mainland and I have been trying to take time to get out and surf which is the ultimate way to spend winter in Hawaii!   

chocolate drinks in close up photography
Photo by Taryn Elliott

Of course, since it’s December (and if I am being honest, since November) I have been binging the Hallmark Christmas Movies and taking some time to reflect on my year!  

unrecognizable couple enjoying christmas holidays on street
Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata: I Just love the romance of Christmas and this time of year, I love to Binge all the Hallmark Christmas Movies. It’s a Tradition!

As I am reviewing this year and planning for the next, I have been all about creating systems for my life.  I gave my daily routines and overhaul using my Routine Builder worksheet that I posted on my sister site Rhumbline Wellness.  I am slowly implementing new habits and removing unwanted habits from my day and have already improved my overall productivity!   

beige shoes on white wooden shelf under clothes
Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva. How Satisfying is this to look at?? Goals right here…

My latest system obsession doesn’t directly relate to time management, but since it is all about organization, it does save me time in the long run!  I recently stumbled across Lennia’s Profile on Instagram (@lenniamc) (Folding Queen 👑)  and have been obsessed with re-organizing my closet and dresser, which is something I love doing.   It is so satisfying to open a closet or drawer and see everything neatly organized (bonus if it’s color coordinated)! I have been trying different folding systems to maximize my tiny closet and dresser space and of course using this time to let go of anything that no longer has a place in my closet.   

 Marie Kondo (@mariekondo) is another great inspiration if you are looking for an incredible system to create a clean and tidy home.  (With a toddler at home, I can use all the help I can get!)   

You can find me for the next few weeks, binging Hallmark Christmas Movies, sipping hot cocoa and folding everything in my house!   

selective focus photography of ceramic mug near candy cane
Photo by Lil Artsy.

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