The Power of Passion: Channeling Emotion into Aligned Action

Aloha and Welcome back to the blog! Today I want to touch on something that I have been interested in for many years. Passion. Passion is what set me off on a journey of personal growth and optimization, I wanted to cultivate more passion in my life. Passion is what inspired me to start a business, to quit my job and move to the islands, and what inspired me to not only learn to SUP, but to complete many long-distance races, including an 80-mile event, the Crossing for CF.

man in blue shorts holding brown surfboard walking on seashore
Cultivate excitement and a passion for life in each day.

Passion is the driving emotion which motivates us to step beyond, beyond fear, beyond setbacks and beyond our limits. When we cultivate our passion for living and experiencing life, we grow emotionally. We experience MEANINGFUL success, and we inspire the world around us to pursue a passionate life!

elderly woman in sports clothing happy to cross the finish line of a marathon
Fueling your passion creates meaningful success in your life!

I honestly believe that in any goal or ambition in life, the key to success is our passion. It lights our fire bright enough to keep showing up, to put in the time and work, and to get back up when we get knocked down. It is a passion for life that we can see the potential for happiness, pleasure and joy in something that at the moment, may not be so fun or feel so good. I am sure that you have heard the statement “Every action we take is a vote for the person we want to be”. It is my opinion and personal experience that when I cultivate passion in my life, I take more actions that align with my life’s ambitions. Passion has been the inspiration for confidence at many stages of my life.

intelligent businesswoman explaining documents in office
Success in your passions, carries over into all areas of your life, building character and confidence.

So how can we channel our passion into action?

  1. Set Boundaries: Be willing to say no to things that don’t fit in with your dreams, goals and ambitions. Say yes to things that stoke your passion, to the adventure and to the things that bring you joy! These are the things that fill up your cup and give you the energy to keep working toward a goal when it gets tough!
  2. Recognize and Interrupt Negative Thought Patterns and Insert affirmations. This is important. If you want to keep your fire burning you don’t pour water on it. Same with your emotional fire. Stoke yourself out, be your biggest cheer leader. There is a time and place to evaluate your limiting beliefs, but it isn’t in the moment.
  3. Start at the beginning and start small. When we choose the appropriate step and we keep the action small, it is much easier to keep the fire alive inside of us. Small successes build our confidence nad prove to ourselves that we are able. We also set our sself up for success because in choosing small actions, we are laying a foundation to build out the rest of our goals. These small successes are a key to persisting when we have a set back or failure.

This passion for living is what brought me to Aloha Tammie Professional Services and this passion for life is my mission, I want to share excitement, to help people find the space to grow and adventure. I want everyone to have a chance to create the life of their dreams.

Would you like to know more about how I can help you get more life out of your day? Check out the Services page for tasking options. I also have a variety of Gratitude Journals, Notebooks and Planners available to help you gain clarity and take action on your dreams.

What passions are you currently pursuing? Comment below!

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