X4CF 2023

Aloha and welcome back to the blog. As we leap into the new year, I am ramping up my focus and training as prepare and fundraise for The Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis. This year is the 10th Anniversary of The Crossing and this will be my second time crossing the Atlantic Ocean from The Bahamas to Florida on a standup paddle board.

Somewhere in the Middle of the Atlantic Ocean

I always get asked why. Why would I cross the ocean on a paddle board. Why would I face such tough conditions and put my body through that kind of challenge?

The first year my why was different. I wanted to cross the ocean because it was a bucket list item. Paddling is a passion and it is natural to want to continuously push myself to the next level, out of my comfort zone. The Crossing for CF (X4CF) is a fundraising event for the Piper’s Angels Foundation, a nonprofit organization with the soul mission of providing resources to the Cystic Fibrosis Community.

I knew a little about Cystic Fibrosis from years of working in the medical. CF is a terminal, genetic condition, that cause mucus to be overproduced, cause organ damage and chronic respitory issues. The life span for a person born with CF averages about 35 years, with today’s medical advacements. However only a few decades ago it was unlikely for the child to even survive to adulthood.

As I worked to fundraise for the event (as there is a $2,000 minimum donation), I started to learn more about the people and mission behind Piper’s Angels Foundaion. P.A.F works to provide access to workshops on Breath Work, Finanacial Assistance, Networking, Mentoring and of course education surrounding CF. I learned that Piper is the daughter of Travis Suit, the founder of Piper’s Angels Foundation and the man behind the Crossing.

It wasn’t until I reached Bimini that I truly grasped what it was all about. When I met Travis in person. When I met Piper. Listening to the speakers during the family dinner, brought a whole new level of personal to the event.

Travis is a beacon in the dark. His unwavering optimism and love are such and inspiration. His passion for life, his love for his family and for the work he is doing is contagious; it lights a fire inside of you to want to give our all for those that can’t.

My “why” has shifted as I head back to Bimini for my second crossing. It’s the 10 year anniversary of The Crossing. Ten years of a man giving his all for his daughter, for his community and his cause. My why is 100% about spreading the message of love, the inspiration to push ourselves in the honor of those who cannot and the faces of the CF community. You never know when the message we have shared will inspire another person, to give hope to a family in need, or be a light in the darkness.

I want to invite you to donate to the Piper’s Angel Foundation Through My Fundraiser. I will be updating the blog frequently as prepare for the crossing and I will be sharing Time Management skills for getting the most out of short training sessions, what I’m doing to cross train and how I optimize my nutrition for performance.

Mahalo For All of Your Support!

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