Island Life: Cultivating Self-Discipline in Paradise

Kauai Life Island life moves a little slower. It’s pretty easy to fall into the gentle sway of lazy days at the beach or a day of surf adventures, followed by a BBQ for sunset. I mean, it’s a great way to spend life, however, if you have any goals beyond a great tan and READ MORE

The Elements of Productivity

This week I stumbled on a post by Dr. Tracy Mark’s (@drtracymarks) on Instagram talking about the elements of productivity. She breaks productivity down into 3 main elements: Time, Energy and Attention. The magic space where all 3 intersect is where our productivity lies. She points out that when we are fatigued, disorganized or distracted, READ MORE

Swapping Time Wasting Habits for Energizers

Today is a reflection piece as I dissect my day to see where I have time wasting habits. My personal goal in life is prioritize the actions and activities that bring me joy. That really means cutting out habits that don’t serve me anymore. For this exercise, I started out by making a list of READ MORE

Shop Local Products on Kauai

Aloha and Welcome!   One of my personal resolutions for 2022 has been to really focus on where my food comes from and opting for local products where ever I can.   My son is the easiest to feed locally, since he prefers delicious fresh fruits and veggies over most other foods, (lucky me!!!).   My spouse however READ MORE

30 Day LOCALS ONLY Challenge

With the holidays just around the corner, I decided now is the perfect time for a challenge. I created the 30 Day LOCALS ONLY challenge to step up my support for local businesses. I already make an effort to shop local stores and to buy local produce, but I know there is room to do READ MORE

Delegate Out The Boring Tasks to Spark Your Passion and Keep On Leveling Up

Are you encountering resistance in your small business or personal life? It could be as simple as boredom. Task out the jobs that you don’t want to do or don’t have time to do, to create the space to live your dream life.

5 Podcasts to level up your life and business

Have you ever heard of the 5 second rule?  It’s a very simple strategy for interrupting a pattern of behavior and launching into action.   This simple, yet extremely effective tool was pioneered by a woman named Mel Robbins and it’s backed up by science .   I had never heard of it until recently, while I READ MORE