Blessed, Thankful, Focused: A Planner for Your Highest Self



This planner/workbook is designed to help you optimize your potential through habit building and aligned action alongside a clear vision of your goals. Our best lives are lived when we have a vision and a plan.

Monthly and Weekly Calendars

This planners features a month-by-month self-dated calendar (because stepping into your potential can happen anytime of the year), as well as a weekly schedule and task list.

Prompts and Trackers Keep You Focused

Each month you will be prompted to prep and plan for the upcoming month. With a habit tracker, 30-day challenge tracker and a 10 page/day reading challenge, you will find it easy to Level Up your life.

Tools for Success

You will also find helpful tools for tracking recurring expenses, building healthy daily routines and creating a cleaning routine. These tools will streamline your life, creating the freedom to design a life of your dreams. Each month you will plan for the upcoming weeks, select a 30-day challenge, choose one habit to build on and you will be prompted to select a book for a 30-day reading challenge. At the end of the month, gain insights to what worked, what needs improved and what you are grateful for. This planner is the ultimate tool for personal development!

Living your best life comes down to two things: A Vision and A Plan. This planner will put both of these in your hands. It’s going to be an amazing year!


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